Black Friday Model Trains

Black Friday Model Trains

Whether you call it Black Friday Model Trains Set Deals or Black Friday Toy Train Deals, I’m sure you will find something that will peek your interest to add that favourite train to your existing train set.  Or, if you are a beginner model train sets collector, you are bound to find that special item you are searching for so eagerly!


By the way, do any of you know what the meaning of Black Friday is?  I know I was intrigued by the term and wondered what it really meant.  Wow!  Did I get some interesting comments about what Black Friday really is and it’s interesting to find out that it has no sinister dark and ominous meaning that one would rather not know.

On the contrary, it is a very positive and encouraging term and has its origin in the days when people were really doing well with sales and instead of being in the red and making a loss, they were making a huge profit and wanted to encourage people to buy more so they had huge discounted prices just for one day and that day became known as Black Friday!

Today Black Friday is truly taken to the extreme and some companies have dedicated the whole of November to Black Friday Special Deals Online and Offline.  These have become known as Early Black Friday Specials and are valid for a short time only.  So when you do your shopping online, make sure you check how long the promotion is running for, so you don’t become disappointed!

Now without further delay, let’s find out what specials are available for Model Trains Sets right now!





15 thoughts on “Black Friday Model Trains

  1. I cannot believe that Black Friday is this week and also Christmas is right around the corner! This year just went by so fast! I really want Lionel Pixar’s Toy Story, it is just so adorable and it will be a good set to have or even hand it down to my little nephews. The Lego Santa workshop is also another good set. But, what I love the most is the Lego ship in the bottle, I want that all by myself! Thanks for sharing them, I am going to get them now 🙂 

    1. Thanks Nuttanee for sharing your fun-filled comment about what makes you happy. :-))

      You have made some excellent choices there and I’m sure the recipients, including yourself are going to be very happy with your purchase.  Have fun and enjoy the fascination of model trains this Christmas.

  2. This is very interesting to have and I’ve enjoyed reading through every bit of it, for train model collectors. It’ll be a very good idea to be a part of enjoying the black friday model trains. Regardless of the fact that this is the first time I’m reading about this, I’d really love to check it out and see how it works.

  3. Hello there! 

    That is another awesome article and the products there are quite amazing and exciting. I was thinking of what gift to give my little siblings to make them happy as Christmas draws near, so reading this got my attention and interest to the black Friday model trains. They appear amazing and I’m sure the kids will really love them.


    1. Hi Caro!

      Thanks for stopping by to comment on our Best Black Friday Deals on Model Trains.  I totally agree with you regarding the fact that any child would find the Model Toy Trains intriguing as well as a wonder and delight!

  4. Thanks for this lovely write up. I really had a great time reading this article and going through all the Black Friday Model Trains you have listed in this article. Talking about the one that peeked my interest, I find the train models from Bachmann to be very interesting, the Thoroughbred Ready To Run Electric Train Set – HO Scale in particular.

    1. You are so right Nelson!  Model Trains have picqued my interest since I was very young and so whenever I come across any model trains, I get lost in a world of wonder and amazement. 

      A ready to run train is so convenient and takes a short while to setup, however, for old-timers and veterans, this takes out the fun and satisfaction of setting up the railway track, trains and wagons.  But a great start for a beginner without hassles to discourage them I’m sure!

      Thank you for stopping by and I hope you find something you are looking for this Thanksgiving and Christmas season!

  5. Oh Love the train collection. Lego is really my favorite since I am young. I still remember asking my parents for Christmas gifts, only once a year that I got the chance. It was an expensive toy for our family more than 30 years ago. Now with Black Friday deal, my kids got the chance to enjoy the once luxury gift a long time ago.

    1. Absolutely agree on the choice of Lego as it is so versatile and it can be assembled and disassembled with ease.  Good for helping young children with hand-eye coordination as well as developing their building skills.

      It is so good to see how you’ve persevered through the hardships of your life to be able to provide for your children and they can enjoy the wonder of precious gifts and the memories they bring.

  6. Hey. Thank you for the heads up about specials on black Friday model trains. I also loved the definition of black friday, I have been planning to check what is the definition and the events surrounding the origins of the day. You made my life easy. I am eying the lego deals for my kids. Thank you 

    1. Hi Bogadi!

      Black Friday really seems like a sinister term and I found it a bit dubious the first time I read and heard about it and I made it a personal project of mine to REALLY find out what it was all about.  And thus I came up with the short summarized version of its meaning so that others can put their minds at ease as to what it is all about.

      Glad to have made your life a lot easier in making a selection for your kids.  Lego is a great choice and good for building childrens abilities as they are growing up, helping them learn to build at a young age.  Hope they enjoy the Lego Model Trains.

  7. I am excited about all these train set models that will be available for black friday. And I see that even now there are some awesome early black friday specials. I would like a lego train set. And I have been checking out several options and really liked the LEGO Creator Expert Santa’s workshop.

    1. This is amazing Paolo!  The Black Friday Lego Model Train Deals seem to be a hit this year and its a great choice!  Lego Creator Expert Santa’s Workshop sounds like a lot of fun and hard work, but will be rewarding to see the finished end product and to watch it chug along the tracks!

  8. I am one who always looks forward to black Friday deals but i never thought it could have other meanings. I look forward to it for my bulk cost. It really helps me reduce my business cost. Thank you for this eye-opener. Now I know that the whole idea of black Friday was born out of an atmosphere where people were doing well. It is a good term.

    1. Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment Parameter.

      Yes, many do not know or even understand the term Black Friday, but it’s worth looking into find out the whole story about it and it is very encouraging to know that people were prospering and wanted to pay it forward.

      May this Black Friday have even greater and special meaning for you this Thanksgiving and Christmas season!

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