Toy Trains

Toy Trains

Remember Your First Wooden Train?

Do You Remember Your Very First Toy Train Or Model Train Set?

I know I do!

When I was about 4 or 5 years old, my parents bought me an engine green train and the thing that fascinated me the most was the white opaque light at the top on the front of the engine.

I got so excited every time it came on and I just enjoyed playing with that engine over and over and over again.

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My curiosity didn’t stop there and whenever I saw a miniature train set, I would make a bee line for it and start looking at the detail of the model train engines built to scale. The figurines looked so life-like and the train station platforms and building were so majestic in their architecture.

Becoming so enthralled, I entered the Train Lovers Paradise and became lost to the world around me.  It was as if I had shrunk to size and was enjoying life in the figurine world of make-believe.

Over the years I found that trains were majestic, strong, powerful, stately engines that moved quickly and with amazing speed and agility.  At ever turn throughout my travels worldwide, I’d deliberately look for any trains at the transport museums and once again be reminded of my childhood days.

It wasn’t until I made a deliberate effort to find out about the most famous miniature railway world in Lugano Switzerland.  While I had the opportunity when I was living in Switzerland, I took the Train Lovers journey of a lifetime on a Swiss Train to Lugano to visit this amazing Miniature World Of Trains!


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We know you have amazing stories to tell, and we’d love to hear your exciting stories and adventures in the miniature train world.  Why don’t you take a moment now and write your story in the comments below?  We look forward to reading of your experiences, especially your very first train toy!

Rudely awakened, we find ourselves back in the real world, determined more than ever to invest in very own railway track, station and model train engines, wooden train wagons and whatever else we can get our hands on.

Our memories are rekindled every time we find or see any train memorabilia that transports us back into those worlds of yesteryear.

Like you we enjoy our toy trains, model trains and memorabilia and are committed to bringing those dreams a reality again.

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