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What Is A Trainspotter?


Actually, we should be asking, who is a trainspotter since it pertains to a person and not an object.

Let’s break up the word first, train – spotter: so the first word is train, the second is spotter.

Train pertains to the noun of the object we are familiar with, not the verb.
This is the vehicle that runs on two steel rails These steel rails run parallel to each other and in a manner of speaking, never meet each other, and they can extend for miles and miles and miles across many countries!

Spotter is someone who identifies a person or object on their journey.

So if we put these two words back together again, we can deduce that:

a trainspotter is someone who identifies various different trains with their model number and manufacturer with its category and type of engine and wagons.

DB 189-059-9

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Looking forward to seeing you in USA or Europe!

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